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Diaper Punishment
One day when I was at my grandma's I told her I had to use the restroom, but of course that was a lie. What I really wanted to do is steal a couple of her diapers. I walked in very fast, got a couple, and stuffed them down my pants. They felt so good.

I walked out, and I stopped when my grandma called my name. I thought I was caught for sure. But instead she told me I had to flush the toilet. I was so relieved that I almost wet myself. I walked out the door and got into the car. I said, "Dad, are we going yet?" Soon we were on our way.

When we got to my house I ran into the house and locked the door. I pulled the pink, frilly, plastic panties I bought for a prank out from under my bed. I was all set to prank my little brother because he was always mean to me. There were things he did that I got in trouble for. This time I was going to humiliate him and get him into deep trouble.

My plan was simple: plant the stuff under his bed, go tell mom and dad, and show them to them. It was so simple I forgot one thing; how I was going to get my brother out of his room. I decided I would trick him into thinking mom wanted him. I went into his room and said, "Mom wants you." He left the room, and I planted the stuff into his bedroom. Now all I would have to do is tell my parents when he came back.

"They didn't want me," he said coming down the hall. "Oh sorry, I thought they did." As soon as he went into his bedroom I went into my mom and dad's bedroom and told them what I saw under his bed. We went down the hall to his room and we went in. My dad checked under the bed, no stuff. I was shocked to find the stuff missing -- how did he know? My brother told them that I had baby items in my bedroom on my bed. I thought, 'Yeah right, like I would.' But when we opened the door to my bedroom I saw the stuff on my bed.

My dad screamed at me and grounded me for one month. On top of all that I had to wear diapers for a month, but wait, there's more. My girlfriend Ali got to spank me a lot. I cried like a baby every time she did it. Finally I got to stop wearing diapers, and my life went back to normal until one day my brother bought some diapers and baby items and hid them in there again. It was a nightmare started all over again.
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Michele 17-Jul-07
yea ok like that really happened and your parents allowed your girlfreind to spank u as a punishment
Anna View Profile 05-Jul-07
LEXIS View Profile 13-Jun-07
Bold Text  W.H.AT.E.V.E.R!!! bold text
Chris 12-Jun-07
such bull

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